C3 Epoxy Resin (Jaune) • Fast-curing, crystal clear, odorless jewelry resin, topcoat, countertop

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Brand: C3 Epoxy Resin

Model: Jaune

*Ratio: 3:1 by weight 


*FAST-CURING (Demold as early as 6-7hrs)

*Crystal clear finish

*Odorless and low heat

*Self-degassing: Minimal to NO BUBBLES

*UV resistant: Anti-yellowing feature

*Easy to manage: Good fluidity suitable for beginners

*Working time: Up to 30mins, depending on mixture volume (Mixture of 20g and above will gel way faster. Best to keep mixture at less than 20g for longer pot time or designing time.)

*Curing time: 7-8hrs ready to unmold, 24hrs full cure (depending on the thickness of the project and on temperature of working area)

*Max pour depth: 1 cm (If your project is thicker than 1cm, pour in layers or use C3 Epoxy Resin (Bleu) instead. C3 Bleu has max 2" depth per pour.